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We know that your health, your need for access to care and cost drives coverage decisions. Learning what is important and necessary to you is vital and what we do best.


We work with a very large stable of top companies that allow us to compare objectively. Shopping with us leaves all options on the table.


Direct online enrollment to the company of your choosing is easy with no banking info required.


When changes arise in plans, legislation and costs we are there to keep you in the know. Our annual reviews assure you are getting the most from your healthcare dollar.

How We Work For You

Most frequently asked questions and answers

Our services are free to our clients.  As independent agents we are paid directly by the insurer and in no way does that affect your rate or benefits.

If you are still employed and/or keep valid employer coverage you can defer.  Certain beneficiaries who have options through the military or federal employees benefits may choose to retain those in retirement.

It can never hurt to compare and there is no risk or obligation. 

Recognizing that they are not the same, it really is a personal call.  Location, health history, need for care and budget all play a role.  We thoroughly examine both options with a beneficiary so they may choose wisely.  Learn More.

We are among the top producing Marketplace agents in the country.   Marketplace inquiries are directed to us as a matter of trust.  Also we provide added services that are essential to the optimal Marketplace experience.  That said we are not employed by the federal government.  Learn More.

Speaking to traditional forms, it can be.  There are fairly recent options that may be more suitable and some will return premium if not used.  Learn More.

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Health Plan Mall is a wholly owned asset of Levfinco and exclusively serving in select U.S. markets for the benefit of it’s clients and licensed agent shareholders.  Not affiliated with the U. S. government or federal Medicare program.  A licensed agent may contact you regarding this insurance-related information.  Certain exclusions and limitations may apply. 



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